I am Passionate about World Issues. In this day and age there are so many to choose from. So as a little give back, I find causes to support and donate to. 

This one hits really close to home. My beautiful cousin Shyla is currently experiencing one of the most trying times of her life. Her loving husband Ryan passed suddenly due to a heart attack on Jan 3rd of this year.  She has 2 children and the youngest, Cassidy was just weeks old when her daddy passed away.

Ryan was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age and was well trained & rehearsed in dealing with his illness He would not allow it to control him or take away from his adventurous lifestyle. He was a hard worker who lived in a small town in Alberta with his family but traveled regularly to the Dakotas for the company he worked with as a well tester. Sadly after the Christmas Holidays, Ryan traveled back to work for his typical shift and only days after his arrival, after he spoke to his wife Shyla &  baby on the phone (like he did every night without fail). Ryan was making himself dinner and had a devastating heart attack that sadly took his life.

     To make things worse, because of Ryan’s history as a diabetic. He was never able to qualify for the proper types of life, property and house insurance. He tried many times but this unfortunately leaves his ever adoring wife Shyla in a horrible position and the potential loss of anything left as normal. Their home & vehicles, not to mention the added expense for Ryan’s family to bring Ryan home.


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Other Causes I have supported-

The Canadian Red Cross

Calgary Humane Society

Big Brothers and Sisters 

Join me on April 4th at the Annual Big Brothers and Sister’s  Fight for kids at the Hyatt in  downtown Calgary! I’ll be  there serving drinks and selling raffle tickets to help raise money for kids in need!  more info here