“The physicality and intelligence of Kearstin Plemel’s performances are especially standout.” Chandra Mayor CBC Manitoba Review of Bad Girls: Sunny Side up

“Kearstin, thank you for your dedication. You are a talented, Director’s actor with a sense for direction and production. For this role we put you in the cold, in a dirty basement, dressed you up, dressed you down,  rolled you in mud, rolled you on the floor, stretched your hours, patience and energy. You overcame all that, and rendered a wonderful performance. I am sure you will go places, and everyone will mention your performance once this film is released” Mithran Maharajan (Director of Figment)

“I have written and directed many theatre productions over the years and am proud to have worked with Kearstin. We spent many months rehearsing and then touring a show that eventually played in four cities in 2012. She was an integral part of the show’s success. Many actors have talent, but Kearstin brings so much more to a show. She’s enthusiastic and creative, and her positive energy was helpful to me and the rest of the cast and crew. She can share an idea or laugh with equal aplomb. Kearstin is confident, fearless, organized, and professional. I look forward to working with her again in the near future. Any project I can conceive would be richer and more rewarding with her on board.” Robert J. McLaughlin (Director)

“Kearstin was one of the top actors in her class at the Prague Film School and started working professionally as soon as she graduated. She brings a professional attitude, enthusiasm and excellent skills to each project she commits to.”  Nancy Bishop (CSA)

“Kearstin is fun, a pleasure to work with and professional. I hope we have a chance to work on more of my projects in the future.” Leonard Lee (Director)

“Kearstin was by far the most dedicated actress I worked with in Prague, and she continues to push herself maximize her raw talent and polished skills. As a director, I achieved positive results from Kearstin because of her ability to take direction and to explore  her character and scenes.”Rod Retamoza (Director)